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About Us

Our Services

one Web site development

We specialise in bespoke, highly functional websites including ecommerce websites.

» Bespoke Web Development

two website & database hosting

For our web development clients only, we provide hosting on state-of-the-art fully PCI compliant dedicated web servers, with Microsoft SQL databases.

» Website and Database Hosting

three Domain registration

For our web development clients only, we register and renew domain names on our clients' behalf.

four website marketing

For our web development clients only, we provide website marketing services and guidance in search engine optimisation, Google website maps, Pay-per-click campaigns and social media.

» Website Marketing

five Email marketing

For our web development clients only, we provide email marketing services - design and sending of bulk emails to opted-in customers using our dedicated mail server. This includes list maintenance and unsubscribe and return handling.

» Email Marketing

six Ecommerce management (ECM)

For several clients we maintain their ecommerce website content. We ensure that all product images, descriptions and prices are up to date and well presented as well as co-ordinating special offers.

» Ecommerce Management

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We are a web development agency, established in 1998.

Our People

Robert Monteath-Wilson
Proprietor & Lead Developer

Robert leads all our projects, bringing over 30 years of professional programming experience, the last 16 of those in web development.

Robert has helped small businesses grow into multi-million pound concerns using his expertise in web development and web marketing.

“I was one of those 'lucky' young lads who, as a teenager, began programming in my bedroom on my Sinclair Spectrum during the early boom years of so-called 'home-computers'.

Then, after entering the workplace, I trained as a professional programmer in the COBOL language working with mainframe computers which took up entire rooms but had about as much computing power as the average PC of today!

I was a very early adopter of PC’s and then the Internet when it began to become available and I remain a strong advocate for its ability to facilitate the exchange of information, bringing the global community closer together.

When working on a web development project my chief concern is that the resulting website lives up to my own exacting standards and I enjoy 'going the extra mile' to achieve this.”

Stefani Monteath-Wilson
ECM & marketing

Stefani co-ordinates with clients and takes care of our ECM services.

Stefani makes it her personal mission to clean up sub-standard website content.

“I love using the Internet for research and shopping and I prefer to shop from smaller independent businesses rather than the larger corporate websites.

But for a website to give me the confidence to shop, it has to demonstrate instant credibility. I would never buy from one of those websites that has missing or low quality images - I need to see what I am buying, even if I already know what the product looks like!

And I must have a full product description which gives the impression of knowledge and care from the vendor.

For Diverse Internet, I ensure that our clients ecommerce websites are completely up-to-date with pack shots of the latest manufacturer packaging, product descriptions and prices.

I maintain ecommerce websites to the standard of website at which I'd like to shop myself.”

Collaborators & partners

Diverse Internet use expert partners to increase capacity or achieve specialist functions, where necessary, including:

Graphic Design: Jo Harrison (www.jo-harrison.co.uk).

.NET & database coding: Sean Plumb (www.coderscollective.com).