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Diverse Internet Solutions offer an ECM service for those businesses who run an ecommerce website but lack the skills or capacity to maintain it's content to a high level.

Competition in the online marketplace is stiffer than ever with potential customers now having the options and knowledge to shop around searching for websites they can trust and rely upon to deliver clear information and the impression of professionalism.

Diverse Internet Solutions can maintain your ecommerce website to the high standards expected by todays demanding shoppers.

Included in our ECM service:

  1. Adding new products or deleting delisted ones
  2. Maintenance of all product images, keeping them up-to-date with the manufacturers latest packaging, to the correct sizes and quality
  3. Keeping the product descriptions and attributes such as ingredients up-to-date and accurate
  4. Ensuring that product prices are kept up-to-date and accurate
  5. Maintain any special offers or promotions you may offer
  6. Add or amend any other website content you may have specific to your business
  7. An optional monthly marketing email sent to your customers to boost sales as well as build customer trust and loyalty
  8. Optional maintainance of your Pay-per-click campaign

Please contact us for further information.

Package options

one Bronze service

We keep your web site updated with the latest prices, product information, product images, special offers and any other content you’d like on your website within the bounds of the capabilities of your website backend, including adding new products and maintaining any other business specific content.

This ensures that all products have accurate, up to date descriptions, images, prices and that any other business specific information is current and relevant.

The price for this service starts at £295 per month (up to 12 hours). Any additional hours, upon request, are charged at £25 per hour.

two Silver service

Comprises everything included in our Bronze service plus one marketing email sent to opted-in customers per month. This includes email creation, from draft through to approved final version, email sending and maintenance of your subscriber list.

The subscribers list would have unsubscribed recipients and recipients whose emails are returned, removed or marked as not to send.

The price for this service starts at £395 per month (up to 5,000 recipients per email) plus £120 per email (up to 5,000 recipients) for any additional emails sent.

» See more about our Email Marketing service.

three Gold service

Comprises everything included in our Silver service plus the maintenance of any Pay-per-click campaign you may have or wish to launch. We have vast experience in new customer acquisition via this method.

We test ads and keywords, monitor their level of success and tweak them accordingly. This would all be done within your specified pay-per-click budget.

This marketing method is highly quantifiable and we provide you with monthly report so you will be able to see at a glance how many new customers you are acquiring and the cost of acquiring them.

The price for this service starts at £495 per month.

Please note the prices quoted are accurate for most small businesses but may vary according to the scale and scope of your website, inventory and customer base.