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Building your new website


We do not develop websites for our clients. We develop websites for our clients' visitors and potential customers.

Our 26 years of web development experience has taught us that effective websites put the visitor first. We share this experience in collaboration with you to build a website that works both for you and your visitors.

Our key design parameters are:

  1. Stand out from the crowd: Your website design reflects the personality of your business and engages both existing and potential customers.
  2. First impressions are critical: Your visitors should be aware instantly upon arrival at your website of precisely what you are offering.
  3. Drive new leads to your business: Your visitors have a clearly defined path to a call to action or purchase.

Agile development

We work using a methodology which has become known as "agile development".

Although we plan each project carefully, we expect and indeed welcome changes to that plan as the project develops.

In other words your project will evolve throughout its life-cycle via our continuous collaboration with you. Our mind-set is one of rapid and flexible response to change.

We acknowledge that your requirements may change through your own experience gained during the project and we are fully open to adjusting to those changes.

Please contact us for further information.

Your website project

one Contact us

Contact us by telephone or email to make a no-obligation enquiry about the development of your new website.

two Initial consultation

If you wish to continue, we begin our collaboration with one or more face-to-face consultations with you during which we get to know your business and ascertain the purpose and functional extent of your website.

three Estimate of cost

We then provide you with an estimate of the cost.

At this stage you can decide whether or not you wish to proceed.

four Domain registration

If you don't already have a domain name for your business or website, we can organise your domain registration for you.

five Graphic design

For new businesses we are able to offer logo design and the design of other graphical elements through our network of graphic design partners.

six Presentation of draft design

We create one or more suggested draft page designs for your website and after consultation with you, agree to move forward with an accepted design.

All our new designs are built using "responsive" design techniques. Your website will transform itself for perfect viewing and ease of use according to your vistor's device; smartphone, tablet or desktop.

seven Build

Your website then goes to build status and we begin work on the core of your website.

We build your website from the ground up with all functionality designed and built specifically for you to match your business. Although we sometimes integrate third-party components, we do not simply place your design elements and content into a proprietory framework such as Magento, Wordpress or Drupal.

You can therefore be assured that your website and any backend functionality is tailored precisely to the individual requirements of your business.

This ensures that you have all the functionality you need, but without the unnecessary added complexity of extraneous functionality that you don't need and will never use.

eight Watch your website develop

During the build process we maintain a test area on the Internet where you are free to view your website as it develops.

As well as giving you confidence that your website is developing in the way you expected, this also gives you the opportunity to suggest changes or enhancements.

nine Hosting

We prefer to host your website ourselves on our own dedicated web servers. This makes maintenance and upgrades a breeze as we have unrestricted root access to our servers and don't therefore depend on the co-operation of any third-parties.

Our servers are Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant and are therefore fit to take credit and debit card payments. Secure certificates to enable https encrypted page transmission can be arranged, if required.

ten Go live

Once you are happy with your finished website we agree a date to set it live.

eleven Marketing your website

There are several ways in which we can help you with marketing of your website:

  1. Search engine optimisation comes as standard with the websites we build. They are built in a standards-compliant and search engine friendly configuration. We consider the keywords your target audience would use to find you and incorporate those terms into your content. This makes it easy for Google and other search engines to understand your content and rank it more highly in their organic search results listings.
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  2. We submit your initial XML website map to Google so that they are aware of each page of your website and can begin to index them immediately.
  3. We open a Google Analytics account for you so that you can view information about the number of vistors who are viewing your website, which keywords they are using to find you, which of your content is the most popular, which devices they are using to view your website and much, much more. This information can subsequently be used to improve your website.
  4. Optionally we can open a Google Adwords account for you and give guidance on how to make the most cost-effective use of it, if you wish to use pay-per-click advertising to attract visitors to your website.
  5. We can give you guidance on opening or incorporating existing Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts. The importance of these has grown now that Google gives higher rankings to websites that are regularly "shared" by vistors using social media.

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twelve Post go-live support

For the two months after your website goes live, we undertake to make any necessary fixes or minor changes free of charge. Inevitably there are things you wished you'd done a little differently after you see your website in a live environment and any minor changes are included in the initial cost.

You will immediately join our exceptional support programme as part of which we endeavour to give you an immediate response to any queries you may have and where possible complete any minor changes you require on the same, or next, working day they are notified to us.