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Hosting your website


State-of-the-art servers

For our web development clients only, we provide hosting on state-of-the-art fully PCI compliant dedicated web servers, with Microsoft SQL databases.

Simplified maintenance

We prefer to host your website ourselves on our own dedicated web servers. This makes maintenance and upgrades a breeze as we have unrestricted root access to our servers and don't therefore depend on the co-operation of any third-parties.

Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant

Our servers are PCI compliant and are therefore fit to take credit and debit card payments. Secure certificates to enable https encrypted page transmission can be arranged, if required.

Please contact us for further information.

website hosting features

one Domain registration

If you don't already have a domain name for your business or website, we can organise your domain registration for you.

two Full email service

As part of all our hosting packages we provide a full email service, with unlimited email addresses.

We have a dedicated mail server providing large storage capacity allowing for a full IMAP service where all your emails are stored on the server until you delete them, rather like a mail service such as Outlook(Hotmail) or Gmail.

You will have the ability to manage your emails from anywhere using our included webmail service via an Internet browser. Or through any device such as a smartphone or tablet via it's native email functionality.

three Secure Certificates

If your website handles sensitive personal data such as names and addresses perhaps transmitted via website contact forms, or you take on-line payments, you will need a Secure Certificate to ensure that pages transmitting this data are encrypted.

Our servers already have Secure Certificates installed to which your domain name can be added. This allows your website to transmit secure (https) pages.

Your own dedicated Secure Certificate can be arranged and installed if you prefer.

four PCI Compliance

Our servers are fully certified Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant.

This is a requirement of the banking industry and therefore any merchant service providing payment card acceptance facilities.

Being fully compliant, our servers are fit to take credit and debit card payments for ecommerce websites or other websites with the need to take on-line payments.

five Fast, powerful servers

The web server on which your website will reside will have at least 32Gb RAM, have a multi-core Intel Xeon processor and several Terabytes of hard drive space.

Because we only host a maximum of 20 websites on each server, the performance of your website is guaranteed to be exceptionally good. Your website will not be fighting for server resources with lots of other websites such as those hosted with companies who often host several hundred websites on a single server.

If your website is expected to be particularly resource intensive then we'd be happy to dedicate an entire server to it, if required.

six Microsoft SQL databases

We use industry-leading database products, proven over many years in major mission-critical applications.

Even our smaller projects use database software identical to that used by the largest corporations in the world.