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For our web development clients only, there are several ways in which we can help you with marketing of your website.

Any website that has pretensions of building a business or brand has to be effectively marketed.

Diverse Internet Solutions can help elevate your website above the crowd, and your competitors, utilising our 26 years of website marketing experience.

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Our Service

one Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation comes as standard with the websites we build.

They are built in a standards-compliant and search engine friendly configuration. We consider the keywords your target audience would use to find you and emphasise those terms in your content in a way that search engines like.

This makes it easy for Google and other search engines to understand your content and rank it more highly in their organic search results listings.

ยป Search Engine Optimisation

two Google analytics

We open a Google Analytics account for you so that you can view information about the number of vistors who are viewing your website, which keywords they are using to find you, which of your content is the most popular, which devices they are using to view your website and much, much more.

This information can subsequently be used to improve your website.

three Google Adwords

Optionally we can open a Google Adwords account for you and give guidance on how to make the most cost-effective use of it, if you wish to use pay-per-click advertising to attract visitors to your website.

four Social Media

We can give you guidance on opening or incorporating existing Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts.

The importance of these has grown now that Google gives higher rankings to websites that are regularly "shared" by vistors using social media.