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Oceans of Goodness

Project Overview

A page from the Oceans of Goodness web site

Update October 2014:The 2008 design has been retained but the site has been upgraded to a responsive framework.

Oceans of Goodness ecommerce website is tuned for efficiency.

It has a highly featured bespoke back-office system, not just for order processing but also for comprehensive reporting and with a multi-language facility.

The site is built to be hosted on different international domains, each with their own translated text, stored and extracted from its database.

The site includes multiple time-saving features such as quarterly VAT calculation and turnover/product unit sale reporting. Other reports include time-based reporting on customer sources and response tracking of marketing emails.

Mouse-over a customer on the customer list to see all products purchased over time by that customer. Set date-controlled scheduled special offers and set vouchers for money off offers and free gifts either across the board or product specific, with optional minimum order values.

It has a built in customer survey system and a multi-layer discounting system for customer groups such as practitioners with commission accounting where those practitioners earn commission by referring their clients direct to Oceans of Goodness.

Project Details

client Oceans of Goodness
Features Responsive
Bespoke Ecommerce
Payment processing
VAT reporting
Year 2008
Project website www.oceansofgoodness.co.uk