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Project Overview

A page from the Seagreens web site

With the graphic design completed by a third party, we created this web site and built in full CMS functionality.

Using the bespoke CMS, the client can update all content including adding pages.

The backend has several discrete sections with full permissions based access. So the various staff of the client only have access to the parts of the system that their role relates to.

The web site backend includes a large database of linked categories of retailers, wholesalers, practitioners, media contacts etc. and is the primary source of all the clients critical data.

The site includes various pages on the front end which are only accessible to vistors who have requested and been granted permission to view them.

Project Details

client Seagreens
Features Full CMS
Permissions based access
Marketing Database
Year 2007
Project website www.seagreens.co.uk